No Bake, No Fuss

No Bake, No Fuss.

“Cooking has already become ‘cool.’ So, maybe, it is now time to make the idea of not cooking ‘un-cool.’”- Anthony Bourdain, Medium Raw


In his book, Medium Raw, chef Anthony Bourdain has a chapter dedicated to talking about why everyone should have basic cooking skills. He believes that being able to cook a few staple dishes can really help improve your life because it can be healthier than take out or any food you would order at a restaurant. Bourdain encourages people to learn how to cook because he wants to make it even cooler for people to know how to make a few transformative dishes like a succulent roasted chicken, a vegetable filled omelet, and even a perfectly grilled steak. Continue reading

Comfort Classics: Cheesecake


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“There is no lying in the kitchen. And no god there, either. He couldn’t help you anyway….No credential, no amount of bullshit, no well-formed sentences or pleas for mercy will change the basic facts.” –Anthony Bourdain, Medium Raw

In describing chef David Chang, Anthony Bourdain gets right down to the facts of cooking: you’ve either got it, or you don’t, and there’s no faking that. Bourdain seems to think that Chang, chef and owner of several New York City fusion restaurants, very much so has this cooking “it” factor. Chang’s restaurants, including Momofuku Noodle Bar, are unapologetically simple, yet Michelin starred. You might even have to wait years to eat there. The success of chefs like David Chang with their boldly simple craft begs the question: is simple, unapologetic cuisine really best? Continue reading