No Bake, No Fuss

No Bake, No Fuss.

“Cooking has already become ‘cool.’ So, maybe, it is now time to make the idea of not cooking ‘un-cool.’”- Anthony Bourdain, Medium Raw


In his book, Medium Raw, chef Anthony Bourdain has a chapter dedicated to talking about why everyone should have basic cooking skills. He believes that being able to cook a few staple dishes can really help improve your life because it can be healthier than take out or any food you would order at a restaurant. Bourdain encourages people to learn how to cook because he wants to make it even cooler for people to know how to make a few transformative dishes like a succulent roasted chicken, a vegetable filled omelet, and even a perfectly grilled steak. Continue reading

A tater tot breakfast casserole on the stove.

Brunch: From the Other Side of the Menu

img_8578I’ve worked in the restaurant business since I was a junior in high school, so the terror, stress—whatever you would like to call it—that Gabrielle Hamilton describes about her restaurant, Prune, is oh-so very real for me.  I began as a host and I remember looking at the staff around me on a Sunday morning brunch shift and saying a silent prayer for the hell we were about to experience.

Hamilton’s emphasis in her excerpt from Blood, Bones & Butter is on the importance of not “going down” throughout the long hours of your shift.  She says, “You are always, always going to face forces that can bring you to your knees.” Whether that means pouring pancake batter over yourself and your station (it was blue cheese in my case), or going hungry in a place that is literally full of food, the food service industry is one that can definitely make you look yourself in the face when you’re at your worst. Continue reading

Aromatic Appetite

“The flavors of childhood foods seem to leave an indelible mark, and adults often return to them, without always knowing why” –Eric Schlosser, “Why the Fries Taste so Good”


Smells can be associated with so many things: they can evoke memories and emotions and remind you of a specific moment in your life. Whether it’s that perfume your mom wore growing up, or the smell of your favorite pizza place that you loved in high school, smells are a powerful tool that can constantly bring up different memories. In his article “Why the Fries Taste So Good,” Eric Schlosser writes about how powerful smell is when it comes to our appetites and memories, and how it effects what we like to eat. Schlosser criticizes the major manufacturing of smells and tastes that Americans adore so much, and explains the science behind why humans’ appetites are so affected by the smells of different foods. Continue reading

I Have My Reasons.


 Well, now I am back again for my second blog post and guess what? Instead of failing at sardonic wit and questionable humor now I am just straight up pissed off. And here’s why.

I am assigned with the happy task of writing about the bizarre and the taboo in food. My inspiration comes from a vegan author. Can you believe that?

Yes; there are indeed vegans. And now they have pens.

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