Take a Break at Another Broken Egg Café

2016.03.06 Another Broken Egg Cafe 1

Another Broken Egg Café

Address: 1650 Jack Warner Pkwy NE, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

            In January of this year, I made the grueling choice to run regularly as my New Year’s Revolution. Three days out of the week I sling myself out of bed and make my way down to the Riverwalk – a path that follows along the local Black Warrior River. Every time, as I run, jog, or more often, limp over the pavement, I run past a picturesque little breakfast place. People sit outside on the veranda munching away on freshly-made pastries and cutting into omelettes as I gasp and lurch along below. Even as I turn the corner, and the restaurant leaves my sight, the smell of bacon and baked goods still wafts after me. Every time, I think about just turning off the Riverwalk and jogging into the restaurant, sitting down at a table, and ordering something. Maybe get a mimosa to drink. Every time, I keep on moving. But this past Sunday, I finally got a taste of how the other side lives. Continue reading