Cannoli Fridays


When I was in elementary school, I loved Fridays. Of course, that’s not surprising—everyone loves Fridays. However, unlike my classmates at my Baltimore Catholic school, my excitement was not centered on sleeping in, seeing friends, or even wearing something besides my awful plaid uniform jumper (maroon and white, over a white collared shirt and navy tights). All of that excitement was reserved for Saturdays. Friday was cannoli day. Continue reading

Margherita Flatbread Pizza, Tequila Optional


“…for the first time I saw how three or four ingredients, as long as they are of the highest and freshest quality, can be combined in a straightforward way to make a truly excellent and occasionally wondrous product.” -Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential

I’m no chef, but I must say I am all about taking a short list of ingredients and throwing it together into something amazing. It’s the college kid in me. The only problem is that the “occasionally wondrous” is just that: an occasional thing. Honestly, a hardly occurring thing. Of course, I am not a master with food like Anthony Bourdain. Continue reading